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Fetch Your Sketch Eraser Tutorial

Fetch Your Sketch has been a popular pattern since its release at Market last fall. The project provides a fun and creative outlet that many people of all ages have enjoyed.

If you don't have the Fetch Your Sketch pattern yet, you can find it here.

Earlier this summer, our customer Nicole showed us the too cute watermelon eraser that she made to go with the Fetch Your Sketch that she made for her kindergartener's classmate. An idea was born!  Nicole graciously gave us permission to write and share this tutorial. We hope you will all enjoy it.

Come join me for this free supplemental pattern and tutorial for a detachable eraser to go along with Fetch Your Sketch!

Let's get started!

Begin by downloading and printing the PDF pattern.

Cutting Instructions

From the main fabric:
  • Eraser Front — 3½” x 5”
From Shannon Cuddle™, felt, or other soft fuzzy fabric cut:
  • Eraser Back — 3½” x 5”
From the lining fabric cut:
  • Eraser Lining — two 3½” x 5”
From ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable™ cut:
  • Eraser Stabilizer — two 3½” x 5”
From contrasting fabric cut:
Following the cutting layout in the pattern, from an 11” square of fabric, cut these pieces:
  • Bias Binding — 2¼” x 11” strip cut on bias
  • Swivel Hook Strap — 2” x 3”
  • Top Binding — two 2” x 5”
You will also need a 1/2" swivel hook:

Assemble the Fetch Your Sketch Eraser

1. Prepare the Eraser Front and Back.

a. With right side up, position the 3½” x 5” Eraser Front (main fabric) on top of the 3½” x 5” Eraser Stabilizer (ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable™). Stitch all around ⅛” from edge to join pieces.

b. If desired, embroider the child’s name on the Eraser Front or add other embellishments as desired. Be sure to keep all embellishments within the ¼” seam allowances.

c. Flip the piece over and align one 3½” x 5” Eraser Lining on top of the Soft and Stable, aligning all raw edges. Stitch all around ⅛” from edge to join.

d. In the same manner, attach the 3½” x 5” Eraser Back and Lining to the other 3½” x 5” piece of Soft and Stable.

2. Round the two bottom corners.

a. Trace and cut around the outer edges of a cone of thread or other 2.5” circular object.

Creative Grids’ circle rulers are wonderful for this purpose! The circles slide easily over the fabric until pressure is applied. Then, their exclusive gripper holds the fabric in place while cutting, eliminating slipping and miscuts!

3. Make the Swivel Hook Strap.

a. With right sides out, fold the 2” x 3” Swivel Hook Strap (contrasting fabric) in half lengthwise (1” x 3”); press to set, marking center. Open the fabric and bring each raw edge to the middle (following the pressed line); press again.

Fold the Swivel Hook Strap in half again lengthwise to ½” x 3”; press.

b. Sew around all four edges of the strap, stitching about ⅛” from edge.

c. Insert the prepared strap into the opening of a ½” swivel hook. Bring the raw edges together and stitch across end to secure. (This is the end marked by the Wonder Clip in the image below.)

4. Attach the Swivel Hook Strap to the Eraser Back.

a. On the lining side of the Eraser Back, position the raw edges of the Swivel Hook Strap 1” in from the left side. The swivel hook will be facing the bottom rounded edges.

b. Stitch in place, sewing ⅛” from the edge.

5. Bind the top straight edges of each piece using the 2” x 5” Top Binding pieces (contrasting fabric). 

a. Fold the binding in half lengthwise, right sides out. DO NOT IRON. Pin every 2” to 3” to secure.

b. On the lining side of the Eraser Front, match the raw edges of the binding with the raw edges of the long straight edge of the piece. Sew through all layers.

 c. Turn the binding to the front and top stitch close to the folded edge. A stiletto works well to hold the binding in place as you stitch.

d. In the same manner, bind the top straight edge of the Eraser Back.

6. Join the Eraser Front and Eraser Back.

a. With lining sides together, position the Eraser Front on top of the Eraser Back, aligning all edges. Clip in place using Wonder Clips.

b. Stitch together along side and bottom edges, sewing ⅛” from the edge.

7. Using the 2¼” bias binding, bind the outer raw edges of the eraser.

a. With right sides out, fold the bias binding in half lengthwise and pin every 3” to 4” to join.

b. Allowing ½” of bias binding to extend on each end, align the raw edges of the binding with the raw edges of the Eraser Back; sew together with a ¼” seam.

c. Bring binding to front, enclosing raw edges.

d. Turn raw edges under on each end. Clip/pin binding in place all around.

e. Stitch along folded edge of binding to finish binding.


8. Pull the swivel hook up and attach the eraser to one of the D-rings on the Fetch Your Sketch art portfolio. 

9. When you’re ready to erase chalk marks, just detach the eraser, put your hand into the opening, and use the soft side of the Eraser Back to erase the marks.

Have fun and be sure to share pictures of your Fetch Your Sketch creations with us! Find us on Facebook or Instagram using these hashtags:

#patternsbyannie #fetchyoursketch #softandstable

Be sure to check out the cute Fetch Your Sketch art portfolios and coordinating erasers that we made for our sweet friends, Emma and Lilyana.

If you enjoyed this pattern and tutorial, please consider showing your thanks by making a donation to Emma's medical fund. This sweet little girl is facing a lifetime of challenges. Please help us show her that we all care! A donation of any size will be appreciated.

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