Friday, January 31, 2014

Sandy P's Travel Duffle Bags

Here is a picture sent to us from Sandy P.

She says:
"Just wanted to share with you a photo of a couple of duffle bags that were done this past weekend. My friend, Pat Harris, and I were at our annual quilting retreat and instead of a quilt, we did your duffle bag. We enjoyed working together on this and your pattern and instructions were easy to follow. We did go on-line to view zipper installation, once we got it - away we went. A lot of compliments were given to us. In fact, Pat started working on another duffle bag for her daughter.
Thanks for great patterns and of course the Soft and Stable which is awesome for such bags."

Beautiful bags! What a fun project for a quilt retreat. Thanks for sharing.


  1. I am a bag lover, I like a simple bag capable of carrying all of my needs. Your post is really very good, creative and gives a lot of information

  2. id like to use a tapestry home dec fabric. any suggestions? should I still quilt it?


    1. Though I normally use cotton quilting fabrics for my bags, you can certainly use a home dec fabric. I would still quilt the fabric to the Soft and Stable as it will help the layers hold together better and not be loose. Stitching also helps to compress the layers making everything less bulky. Your side seams will be more bulky, so I'd suggest cutting the binding a little wider -- at least 2.5", maybe even 2.75". If you find it difficult to sew, stitch a few lines of extra stitching in the seam allowance. That helps to compress everything.


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