Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kits, washable white pencils, sharpeners, basting clamps and more!

I got home on Monday from the Sewing Expo in Puyallup and found lots of fun new supplies that had arrived while I was gone. I've got them all posted on my website, so be sure to check out these handy items:

Laptop Purse Finishing Kits

Finishing kits for the laptop purses are now available with zippers in #563 Yellowish-Gray (which looks like beige to me) as well as #580 Black.

Washable Stabilo Pencils (white)

These Stabilo pencils are terrific for marking quilts or appliqué pieces on dark fabrics. Unlike chalk pencils or other common white pencils, these pencils don't rub off as you work. So, you can mark a quilt and the lines will last until you wash them out.

I also use these pencils to mark lines on vinyl pieces used in my various patterns. They mark easily on the vinyl (which is difficult to do with pencils or other washable markers) and then wipe off easily with a damp paper towel.

The pencils come pre-sharpened, but you'll love the Alvin Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener for sharpening the pencils as you use them.

Please note that there are Stabilo Pencils available in a variety of colors. Do NOT use the other colors on fabric as they will not wash out.

Brass Bullet Sharpeners

Alvin's Brass Bullet Pencil Sharpener is the perfect addition to a quilter's kit of tools.

It's one of the tiniest and most compact pencil sharpeners ever made, yet it's one of the sturdiest.

The sharpener features solid brass bullet-shaped construction with a replaceable stainless steel cutting blade. The blade can be removed and sharpened in a knife sharpener.

This is the perfect sharpener for use with the washable Stabilo pencils.

Basting clamps (package of 14 clamps)

If you've ever tried basting a quilt using binder clips, you know how hard they can be to squeeze open to fit over your quilt and onto your table.

You will LOVE these easy-to-use clamps that slide easily onto the table to baste your quilts.

The clamps are designed to fit onto a 3/4" thick table. If you don't have a table that size, try using a 3/4" piece of plywood instead.

To order any of these items, please visit my website:

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