Thursday, June 23, 2016

Inspired by Bonnie Christine & Adobe Illustrator #1

If you seek you shall find. Serendipity is an incredible thing.

While at Spring Quilt Market Casey (Instagram @caseyunrein) and Brooke (Instragram - @brooke.elayyne) set off to talk to designers about fabric and the design process. They walked around several booths, somewhat nervous and unsure about how to start a conversation. After five minutes of wandering an Open Wide caught their attention. Sensing that they had a friend in the booth, they approached the professional and kind looking woman that was there.

Casey cordially said, "Hello my name is Casey & this is Brooke. Brooke is an aspiring fabric designer and we were looking to get some input from professionals in the industry."

With that simple beginning the three embarked on a conversation that lasted nearly an hour as the Spring Market crowds swirled around them. It turns out that the professional and kind looking woman was none other than Bonnie Christine (writer of Going Home to Roost & designer for Art Gallery fabric). Bonnie is a surface designer who not only is an incredibly creative spirit, she is also an inspiring and giving artist who shares her skills and experiences with others whenever she can. She has taught design in many spaces and recently partnered with Creative Live to offer a comprehensive surface design course. Check it out here: Design Surface Patterns From Scratch with Bonnie Christine

Since returning from Spring market Casey & Brooke have been watching the online course. Attached here are several of our first designs made.

These are 2 patterns Brooke is currently working on showing clouds and moon phases. I am looking forward to seeing where she goes from here.

By: @Brooke.elayyne
By: @caseyunrein

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