Saturday, January 2, 2016

Roman Mosaics

Traveling is such a great way to open your eyes to the world and see new (or old) things in a new light.

Casey, Gloria and Liam have been in Spain for the past few weeks celebrating the holidays with their Spanish family and, while there, they have been visiting a few ancient Roman ruins from the region of Madrid.

Most notably, they visited the Parque Arquelogico de Carranque, which is located a short distance from Madrid. The ancient Roman villa has a number of truly stunning mosaics.

These mosaics got us interested in viewing more and we found some really amazing designs -- perhaps even some great MODERN QUILT designs!

We hope these inspire you as much as they do us, and you can add Roman art to your list of quilt inspirations.


  1. Thank you so much, Annie, for these wonderful pictures!! They make me really want to start a new quilt straight away!!

  2. Some of the mosaics look like quilts, but some of them look like the fabric that would go in the quilt. These are beautiful!


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