Saturday, November 28, 2015

Handmade for the Holidays: Open Wide

Handmade for the Holidays
We are nearing the end of our Handmade for the Holidays series and we have had lots of fun! Our project for today is Open Wide!. Quick and fun to make, these handy zippered bags in three sizes open wide for easy access to all your supplies.
Binding on the easy-to-install zipper finishes the upper edges and forms a handle and grab tab.

Two inner mesh pockets keep things organized and easy to view.
These feature a new product called fold-over elastic. It currently comes in 11 colors. We use this to line our mesh pockets and it gives a fun finish to the project as well as an elastic end to the pockets so contents are secured nicely. 
Slip these classy bags in your suitcase — or use them to maximize the space on your vanity.
Be sure to make a few to have on hand for gifts. Who wouldn’t love a cute bag for cosmetics or other supplies?
Because these bags can be customized in three different sizes, you're sure to have a bag for any need for anyone. 

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