Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Handmade for the Holidays: Nesting Baskets

Handmade for the Holidays

Fun and easy to make, these nesting baskets in three sizes will hold a multitude of treasures. When empty, they will stack inside each other for neat and compact storage.
Each container has a sturdy lid so the baskets may be stacked for attractive display. ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable gives great body and stability to these baskets and makes their construction extra easy and quick.
Instructions are included for baskets in three sizes with optional handles for carrying as well as an optional see-through pocket for a label.
Perfect for the sewing room, bathroom, nursery, child's room, craft room — or anywhere in the house! Seen above, customize baskets so little ones learn organization early one. They can feel proud knowing they put things where they go and you'll be happy with one less thing to do. It'd be really easy to include pictures in the vinyl pocket as well, for those who can't read.

We did a little experiment, and found that we could put 25 YARDS of fabric in the large size of Nesting Baskets. What a perfect way for displaying your fabric. The small size is just perfect for keeping Wonder Clips next to your sewing machine. 

Don't you love the fun snowman set of baskets that Diane made? We think that these baskets would be perfect for storing Christmas cards, ornaments, candy, and more. A label made with a piece of chalkboard fabric would be perfect on the side of the small basket which makes the top of the hat. Diane found the snowflake embellishments at a local craft store. She used brown pipe cleaners for the arms and buttons for the eyes and nose.

Whether you or your loved one needs some organization, or someone is in need of some holiday cheer, Nesting Baskets makes for a fun, custom gift! 


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