Monday, November 23, 2015

Handmade for the Holidays: Hot Fudge Sauce

Handmade for the Holidays

We're mixing it up today with a fun recipe for gifting. This recipe for Hot Fudge Sauce is part of Annie's cookbook From Halibut to Jalapenos

This recipe takes about 30 minutes to make and is perfect for coworkers, neighbors, and friendship groups.

It can be packaged beautifully and would be so nice with brownies or ice cream. 

Dana, part of the Team, put together this hot fudge sauce and said it was easy and quick. She didn't include the rum at the end, and it tastes fine without it. Depending on your taste for rum, you may or may not want to include that. She also said when she added the boiling water to the mix, it mixed up beautifully at first, then started to separate. She started to panic, but kept making it. By the end of the process it worked just fine and came together in a delicious sauce. 

Want to make it your own? Another fun idea would be channeling your inner chef and mixing up the chocolate.

So what are you waiting for? Start making a quick, easy, DELICIOUS, gift today. 

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