Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bonfire Color Inspiration

Bonfires seem to be a universal human attraction.

Casey’s story: This photo was taken during Christmas time in a small town outside of Madrid, Spain,
 called El Alamo (the oak tree in Spanish). The local government planned this bonfire along with many other activities for the night in order to bring the residents together and spread joy.

When we build a bonfire we bring large amounts of potential energy together into one place, piling it up and up until we cannot reach any higher. Throughout the afternoon, the tangled mess of branches, logs, boards, paper and trash stands there as though some giant had forgotten to finish sweeping. Then, just as night is falling and the sun’s splendor is beginning to recede behind the horizon, we strike a spark with a tiny match and the whole pile takes life. Heat, light, smoke, color, sparks, and noisy crackling come roaring out of this once inert pile of rubbish calling us to come watch.

And we, the community, come. We circle around that mini-sun that we have created and we share precious moments with each other. We rest. We play. We create new memories. We make new plans.

And, we find new relationships. It is beautiful.

And can’t a bonfire simply be a metaphor? What are you doing in your business, personal life, and day-to-day to bring potential energy, even trash together, and from it make something for and with the community?

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