Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2nd Annual Summer Challenge 2015 Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Summer Challenge for 2015 constructing the Stash and Dash Bag. We had so much fun seeing everyone's fabric combinations, modifications, and uses for the bags. It was inspiring to see so many beautiful combinations, and it made me want to make one in every color way, for every person I've ever been associated with. It is such a fun, useful bag.

What was unexpectedly and incredibly rewarding was reading everyone's comments about their process through the pattern. It was amazing to hear that people tried mesh, vinyl, strapping, Soft and Stable, or quilting for the first time. It was incredible to read about who the bags where given to, why, and what they would be used for. I loved reading about challenges overcome during the construction of the bag and what was being done to modify the bag to fit individual needs. It's awe-inspiring what we all do to help each other invoke creativity and challenge to do something harder.

You made it so difficult to choose just four winners, but here are the reasons why we chose who we did.

Most Creative Use of Fabrics: 

We can appreciate how much time was taken to put this together. Look at all those pieces of fabric. Not only that, but she had to come up with her own design and piece together fabric to make it into a Minecraft character. That takes talent. 

Best Photographic Submission:

We loved being able to see the construction of this bag all in a fun Flipagram. She took it a step beyond just posting a photo and made the viewing experience really enjoyable.

Most Creative Use of Organizer:

We would have never thought of using the Stash and Dash Bag as an organizer for pets. We love that the bag will be used for leashes, treats, and bags. Great idea!

Best Adaptation of the Pattern: 

It is annoying when you have a bag specifically set aside for applique, hand binding, or other needlework projects and your needle gets hidden or you have to poke a hole in the fabric. We loved how a magnet was integrated into the top of the organizer, gave it cute detail, and was fully operational. 

Thank you to everyone who participated. Thank you for inspiring us and challenge us to provide more of these to you in the future. We will start brainstorming on what we can offer you next year, and we may be introducing more tutorials for you between now and next summer.

Don't forget, the pattern is free until October 1, so be sure to download it before it becomes a for-purchase pattern. Also, please post photos on our Facebook wall, tag us on Instagram using #stashanddashbag, #patternsbyannie, and/or #softandstable, or email info@byannie.com.