Tuesday, August 4, 2015

12. Stash and Dash - Mark Lines and Attach the Strap Closure and Slider

Free Sewing Tutorial

Mark Placement Lines and Attach the Strap Closure and Slider

We will need:

For this step we will need the quilted body of the organizer cut in Post #5, the prepared strap made in Post #6, and the 1" wide-mouth slider.

We will also use these tools:
  • Sewing machine with ¼" foot
  • Removable markers such as Clover Chaco Liner Pen-Style Markers, white and/or blue
  • Pins, strong, long yellow-topped quilting pins
  • Stiletto/pressing tool
  • Thread snips/scissors


Mark placement lines for alignment of the strap closure, the back vinyl pocket, and the inside zippered mesh pockets. 

Attach the strap closure and slider in a way which will allow the organizer to expand and contract as it is filled.

Let's get started:

A. Mark placement lines.

1. On the main fabric side of the organizer, mark lines as follows: 

a. Using a removable marker (we like a white Clover chalk pen), mark a vertical line from top to bottom 4” in from the left side. 

mark lines on fabric

b. In the same manner, mark a vertical line from top to bottom 9” in from left side.

c. Mark a 9” horizontal line from the left side to the 9” vertical line 3½” up from the bottom.Mark lines on fabric

2. Flip the fabric over on the long side so that the left side stays on the left. On the lining side of the organizer, mark vertical lines from top to bottom as follows:

a. 4” in from left side 

TIP: Double-check to make sure that you're on the correct end. There should be a line 4" in from the side directly below this line.

Mark lines on fabric

b. 9” in from left side

Mark lines on fabric

c. 4½” in from right side

Mark lines on fabric

B. Attach the strap to the main fabric side of the body of the organizer.

1. With the seam side of the strap down, position the prepared strap on the main fabric side of the organizer aligning one short raw edge along the left side and the long bottom edge of the strap along the line marked 3½” up from the bottom. 

fabric strap closure

2. Pin the strap in place to secure.


3. With the slider right side up, insert the other end of the prepared strap seam side down into the slider. 

how to install hardware on bag

d. Come up from the bottom through the hole on the right, go over the post, and go back down through the other hole.

4. Move the slider to the other end of the strap so that it is about 2” from the pinned end.

5. Stitch the strap to the organizer by sewing 1/8” in from the raw edge on the left. 


6. Then stitch along the previous lines of stitching on the handle only on the portion of the strap that is between the lines marked 4” and 9” from the left side. 

sewing on fabric strap tutorial

The slider will move freely on the strap in the section between the left side and the line marked 4" in from the left. 

Next Up:

13. Attach the Back Vinyl Pocket

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  1. Hi Annie,
    I just received my kit so I plan to go back to your earlier posts and start my project soon. Do you recommend prewashing the cotton fabric? Thanks!

    1. Hi Janet,
      Welcome! Great question. I never prewash my fabrics for bags. I find that the Soft and Stable gives it enough stability and structure that prewashing is unnecessary. Can't wait to see your finished project!

  2. I have caught up to this point and was in the middle of this step when I realized the slider I bought was different. I'm going to look for another one since I couldn't figure out what this one was meant to do. It seemed to have an extra bar across it or something.
    Anyhow, I'm having fun with this little project and really appreciate the step by step iinstructions AND photographs!

    1. How odd. I'm glad you are having fun and I hope you got the right hardware! :)


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