Friday, August 7, 2015

15. Stash and Dash - Round the Corners of the Organizer

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Round the Corners of the Organizer

We will need:

For this step we will need the almost-finished organizer.

We will also use these tools:

  • Corner rounding tool such as a cone of thread or other 2½" object
  • Rotary cutter - we prefer using a 28mm rotary cutter when cutting curves


We will round each of the four corners of the organizer. This makes attaching the binding easier as we can just ease the binding around each corner and not worry about mitering it in square corners. We also think a rounded edge gives a nicer, more professional, finish to the project.

Let's get started:

1. Position the base of a cone of thread (or other 2½” round object) in one corner of the organizer. 

TIP: Using a large cone of thread gives a large, gentle curve to the edge which makes attaching the binding really easy. For a tighter, smaller curve, you may prefer to use a small spool of thread (or other 1½” round object). We like using cones or spools of thread for rounding rather than flat objects as they allow us to keep our fingers out of the way when using a rotary cutter. 

free sewing tutorial

2. Cut (or trace and then cut) around the cone to round the edges.

free sewing tutorial

3. Continue until all four corners of the organizer are rounded.

free sewing tutorial

4. Optional: Stitch ⅛" from the edge around each corner to re-seal the edges.

Next Up:

16. Make the Bias Binding

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  1. Hi Annie,
    just finished this lesson so I'm all caught up on the sew along. I had a little trouble figuring out which way to start attaching the mesh zip pockets but after rereading the paper pattern and studying your photos, the light bulb finally came on. Love the results so far and the tip to use a thread cone base for a template is brilliant!

    1. I'm glad you are caught up and you figured it out. It can be so rewarding to get things to finally click! Can't wait to see your finished project :)

    2. Yes I'd like to share my finished project IF I can figure out how to do a photo! :>)

    3. You can always email them to and we can share them ;)


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