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20. Stash and Dash - Make and Attach the Zipper Pulls

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Make and Attach the Zipper Pulls

We will need:

For this step we will need the bound organizer and the three 1" x 12" pieces of main fabric. 

We will also use these tools:

  • Sewing machine with ¼" foot
  • Iron and ironing board
  • 12mm/½” bias tape maker
  • Strong pin such as a hat pin
  • Scissors


In this step we will make three fabric pulls. We will then insert them into the holes in the zipper slides to make them easier to grab when opening the zipper.

Let's get started:

A. Make the fabric zipper pulls.

1. Fold each 1” x 12” piece of fabric in quarters to make a ¼” x 12” piece. Using a bias tape maker makes this extra-easy and prevents burns on your fingertips!

a. With wrong side up, pull the end of a 1" x 12" piece of fabric into the 12mm/½” bias tape maker. Use a strong pin to tease the end of the fabric out of the bias tape maker.

The bias tape maker turns each raw edge in to the center of the strip, effectively folding the 1" strip in half to ½". 

b. Press the folded fabric as it comes out of the bias tape maker. Use your thumb to pull on the handle of the bias tape maker, moving all the way down the strip. 

c. Follow the bias tape maker with the tip of the iron to press the strip completely. Go slowly so that the folds are well-pressed. When the bias tape maker has moved off of the strip, you'll have a ½" wide strip with the raw edges pressed to the center.

d. Fold the strip in half to ¼” and press well.

2. Sew down the middle along the length of the strip to secure the layers.

B. Attach the fabric zipper pulls to the zipper slides.

1. Fold one fabric pull in half. If your zipper has a small hole in the zipper slide, trim the ends to a point.

2. Pull both raw ends through the hole in a zipper slide. (If your zipper slide has a small hole, just pull one end of the fabric pull into the hole.)

3. Bring the fabric ends together and pull through the loop at the fold of the zipper pull. 

4. Pull tight to the zipper pull. 

5. If desired, tie another knot at the end of the pull. 

6. Trim excess fabric to a point.

7. Repeat for each zipper pull and. . . ta da! Three zipper pulls are installed and your Stash and Dash is ready to go. Congratulations!

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