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9. Stash and Dash - Attach the Mesh Pockets to the Zippers

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Attach the Mesh Pockets to the Zippers

We will need:

For this step we will need the three bound mesh pockets made in Post #8 and the three 10" zippers prepared in Post #7.

We will also use these tools and supplies:
  • Basting tape
  • Sewing machine with zipper foot
  • Stiletto/pressing tool
  • Thread snips/scissors


In this step we will attach a zipper to each mesh pocket.

Normally when we attach a zipper to a pocket, we'll sew the zipper to the fabric (with right sides together) and then turn the zipper tape to the inside to hide the raw edges. Check out our full series of Zippers Are Easy! video tutorials to learn about that easy method of zipper installation.

However, because these pockets are made from mesh which is see-through, we'd have an unsightly mess along the seamed edge if we used that technique.

So, we're going to depart from the normal zipper installation method and attach the zippers to the pockets in a different manner for this project.

Let's get started:

1. A strip of double face basting tape on the back of the binding works well to hold the pocket in place on the zipper tape. It's so much easier than trying to use pins or glue!

How to use basting tape

Just press a strip of tape onto the back of the bound pocket. Tear it off the roll when you reach the desired length.

using basting tape

Pull away the paper backing to expose the double face sticky tape.

use basting tape

With right sides up and with the zipper closed with its pull to the left side, align the long bound edge of one pocket on top of a prepared 10” (or longer) handbag zipper, aligning the bound edge of the pocket about ¼” from the zipper teeth. The bottom long edge of the binding should just cover the bottom long edge of the zipper tape. Let the ends of the zipper extend on each end of the pocket. This allows you to avoid the stops at each end of the zipper.


2. Sew ⅛” from folded edge of binding, joining pocket to zipper.

sewing with zippers

Move the zipper pull back and forth as needed to allow the zipper to lie flat as you stitch.

sewing with zippers

3. If desired, you may also stitch the zipper to the pocket by re-stitching along the previous line of stitching which attached the binding to the mesh pocket (the seam at the bottom of the bound edge of the pocket).

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