Tuesday, July 28, 2015

5. Stash and Dash - Trim the Quilted Fabric and Seal the Edges

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Trim the Quilted Fabric and Seal the Edges

We will need:

For this step we will use the 10" x 20" piece of quilted fabric. 

We will also use these tools:
  • Rotary cutter and mat - we suggest a 45mm or 60mm rotary cutter and a 24" x 36" mat
  • Quilting ruler for trimming - we used an Creative Grids 8½" x 24" ruler
  • Sewing machine with ¼" foot
  • Stiletto
  • Thread clipper or scissors


To trim the quilted fabric to the exact size needed for the project and to sew all around the trimmed piece to secure all the layers and "seal" the edges, preventing loose pieces of fabric from lifting up as we assemble the organizer.

Let's get started:

1. Trim the quilted piece of fabric as directed in the pattern.

We like to begin by aligning our ruler so that we have a straight quilted line right in the center of the piece. Since this piece will be trimmed to 8" wide, we will align the 4" mark of the ruler along the center stitched line. Then we will trim the excess fabric on the right side.

quilt fabric

Next we will rotate the fabric 180 degrees and align the 8" line of the ruler along the just-trimmed straight edge.

quilt fabric

Trim the excess fabric to the right of the ruler.

quilt fabric

Rotate the fabric 90 degrees and trim one short end, making sure that there is enough fabric on the other side for the full length needed.

quilt fabric

quilt fabric

Rotate the fabric 90 degrees and trim the piece as directed in the pattern.

quilt fabric

quilt fabric

2. Stitch all around the quilted piece of fabric ⅛" from the edge to "seal" the edges.
This ensures that we won't have loose pieces of fabric lifting up when we assemble the project. 

TIP: If you are using the Bernina #37 foot (my very favorite foot!), align the fabric to the inside edge of the foot.

quilt fabric

TIP: Use the tip of a stiletto to flatten and hold the fabric as you stitch.

Next Up: 

6. Make the Strap Closure

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  1. Would this be a good place to do a 1/8" serged edge?

    1. You could. The edges will be bound eventually, so the point here is to enclose the fabric to prevent fraying and to avoid puckers in the fabric later on. If a serger is available to you, this could be a great tool.


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