Friday, July 31, 2015

8. Stash and Dash - Bind the Inner Mesh Pockets

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Bind the Inner Mesh Pockets

We will need:

For this step you will need the three 5" x 9" inner mesh pockets and the six 2" x 9" binding strips. Three of the 2" x 9" binding strips will be attached to the mesh pockets. The other three 2" x 9" binding strips will be used to bind the top of the zipper once it is attached to the mesh pockets.We will also use these tools:
  • Sewing machine with 1/4" foot
  • Stiletto/pressing tool
  • Pins, fine-point
  • Wonder Clips

Learn secrets to working with mesh and for attaching bindings as you bind the three mesh pockets for the inside of the organizer. 

Let's get started:

sewing with mesh

1. With right sides out, fold each binding piece of contrasting fabric in half lengthwise. DO NOT IRON. Pin every 4" to 6” to secure. 

TIP: By pinning rather than pressing, we'll get a smoother, nicer finish to our bindings, avoiding unwanted creases and folds in the binding when it is turned to the front.

how to sew mesh

2. On the "wrong"* side of one mesh pocket, match the raw edges of one pinned binding strip with the raw edges of the mesh pocket. Sew through all layers. 

*There is really no right or wrong side to the mesh fabric, but if you are using a fabric other than mesh for your pocket, you'll want to stitch on the wrong side first, so we'll keep that terminology in place here.

TIP: When working with mesh, I find it easiest to sew with the fabric on the bottom and the mesh on top. Mesh can stretch, so be careful to keep it flat. This pattern is designed so that the pockets and bindings are cut larger than needed to accomodate any wonkiness.

3. To help the binding fold over more easily, press the mesh and binding toward the binding using a wooden pressing tool. I prefer to press bindings using a pressing tool as I do not want to iron a crease in the fold of the fabric (see Tip for step 1 above).

how to sew mesh

how to sew mesh

4. Turn the binding to the front, folding it so that the folded edge just covers the previous line of stitching. Secure with Wonder Clips to hold in place.

how to sew mesh 
5. Topstitch close to the folded edge. A stiletto works well to hold the binding in place as you stitch. 
how to sew mesh


Next Up:

9. Attach the Mesh Pockets to the Zippers and Bind the Upper Edges

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