Monday, July 27, 2015

Road to California: Carolyn from Road to California

To finalize this series, we are going to wrap up by interviewing Carolyn, the mastermind behind the Road to California show held every year in Ontario, California. Have you been wanting to learn a little bit about why this whole thing was started? Now you can!

Bag Challenge

Fabric Introduction Questions:

1.    What is the name of your company and what is the name of the fabric?

         Road to California Quilters Conference
         Celebrating Road to California Twentieth Anniversary

2. What was your inspiration for designing the fabric?

         To celebrate the twentieth anniversary, quilting and I love California Poppies

4.    How did you get started on designing your own fabric? 
       It was designed by Alexander Henry Fabrics
4. What was your biggest challenge in designing the fabric?
         Choosing colors
3. What cool things have you seen made using the fabric?

         Quilts, clothing and bag or purses

4. What weights are available to purchase for the fabric?

         Cotton sheeting light blue background and pink poppies
         Cotton sheeting barely off white background and orange poppies
         Canvas weight barely off white background and orange poppies

6.    How can someone purchase the fabric?

Here is Matt and Mayor Paul Leon of Ontario, California, wearing shirts made out of the fabric. 
How fun is that? Photo taken by Gregory Case Photography. 

Personal questions to add some flair:

1.  What does your perfect day look like?

       At my age when I wake up and I am on the right side of the grass!

2.      What word(s) describes you?
 I am an “idea” person.  I plant the corn, but I don’t weed it, cultivate it or harvest it.  That is how I manage Road to California.  I think of things to do to make it better – usually about 2 am – and then I let those who work for me figure out how to accomplish it.
3.       If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?
         Maybe drive the Al-Can Highway to Alaska, visit Africa , Australia or New Zealand.  I love natural, wide open spaces.
4.       What inspired you to start sewing?
         My grandmother started me on a treadle MANY years ago.
5.       What is your go-to notion/tool?
         Seam Ripper and after sewing 70 years, I just learned the correct way to use it. 
6.       What has been your most memorable experience when teaching or traveling to shows?
         Once when driving home from vending at Paducah, Cathy and I stopped for gas in Albuquerque  A lady came up to me and said, “Do you know you have twenty dollar bills plastered on the windows in the back of your van?”  The plastic bag that I had placed in a “secure space” had broken open and the bills had fallen out and stuck to the window.
8.    What advice would you share with aspiring bag makers?
Time is a very valuable commodity.  If you are going to spend your time making something, be sure to use good products.

California Fabric

Love that advice. And on that note, have you started your project yet? There is still some time left, but it's running short. Purchase the fabric now and start making your bag so you can enter the challenge. You can find the fabric here

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