Monday, July 13, 2015

Road to California: Wonder Woman Quilts

 Today our guest is Ginnie of Wonder Woman Quilts.

Isn't the trim on her bag fun? The binding on her bag is super cute, too. It matches the Road to California fabric perfectly.

Want to read more about hte inspiration behind this bag? Keep reading!

Bag Introduction Questions

1. What is the name of your company and what is the name of the bag?

        Wonder Woman Quilts, the bag name is Grab N Go Tote

2. What was your inspiration for this bag & for the way you used the Road to California fabric?

    I made this bag to carry my quilts to guild meetings. The fabric with its big print and bright colors fit perfect with this bag. 

3. For what do you recommend the bag be used & what are its features?

      This bag can be used for many things. I've even taken it to the farmer's market. I especially like the key tab holder and all the inside pockets.

4. Is there anything special about the bag construction? If so, can you provide a brief description of what is special and how it was done?  

      Nothing special. I like that it opens wide so I can see what's inside.

5. What components did you use and why did you choose them?
 I used Wooden dowels and inserted them into the top of the bands because the width is 19 1/2" wide. 

6Is there a pattern? If so, what is the link? 

You can find the pattern here:

Personal questions to add some flair

1.       What does your perfect day look like?

              My perfect day is to get up early, make sure the house is in order, grab a cup of chi tea, and play in my sewing room until it's time for dinner. The rest of my evening, I spend with my hubby. Of course, I always have some kind of hand sewing while watching TV with him. 

2.      What word(s) describes you?

              Wow! Now if you were to ask my six sisters and three brothers, they would say I'm the best and prettiest of all of them. Anyway, that's what I tell them. I guess I would say, I'm nice, polite to others, I enjoy life and love to share my talent of sewing with others.

3.       If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?

             That's an easy question. Be in my sewing room. Either designing, sewing, or teaching.

4.       What inspired you to start sewing?

              We got hand-me down clothes. By the time the clothes came to me, they either had stains, or they never fit me. At the age of 12, I was making my own clothes Nothing fancy, but they would fit. 

5.       How long have you been designing patterns? How did you get started?

              I would say it's been 12 years off and on. I started designing when a shop in town called me to make something out of fabric that wasn't selling well. I usually had something designed and made by the next day or two. That's how I started designing patterns and how I got the name Wonder Woman Quilts.

6.       What has been your biggest challenge in designing patterns?

           One of my biggest challenges in designing a pattern is deciding what interfacing I want to use (thick, thin, fusible or non fusible). Picking out the fabric is another challenge. It takes me forever because I know what I want. I can see it made up before it's made.

7.       Which of your patterns is your favorite and why?

              I don't have a favorite pattern. I guess I would say, the one I'm designing at the time.

8.       What is your go-to notion/tool?

                Notions! I LOVE and use SO many. Clover Chalk markers, That Purple Thang for pushing out points, Clover Wonder Clips, Olfa Rotary Cutter, and Ginger Scissors. 

9.       What has been your most memorable experience when teaching or traveling to shows?       

           Knowing I made someone happy with something they made in my class, and the SO many Thank You's for a great class. As far as traveling to shows, I LOVE being around quilters.

10.   What advice would you share with aspiring bag makers?

          My advice would be to change ONE thing when making a bag from a pattern. It doesn't have to be a big change. When I teach a class I tell everyone to to change ONE thing. When they are finished they have to tell everyone in the class what change they made. That's always my special moment in class.

Isn't her bag fun? Thanks for joining along! 

Remember, if you want to make your own bag to enter in the 2016 Road to California Bag Challenge, 
you can read the rules and download the entry form here
Don't miss out on your opportunity to shine. 
Anyone is welcome to enter using any design. 

Miss a designer or can't wait to see who is next? Check out the schedule on the original post here.


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