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3. Stash and Dash - Cutting Instructions

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We will need:

For this step we will need the fat quarter of main fabric, fat quarter of lining fabric, and half yard of contrasting fabric as well as the ByAnnie's Soft and Stable, vinyl, and mesh.


In this step we will cut out and label the fabrics, Soft and Stable, mesh, and vinyl needed to make the Stash and Dash fold-over organizer. 

Let's get started:

Begin by ordering the Stash and Dash pattern. You will find complete Cutting Instructions on page 2. Don't forget to cut out the labels on the last page so that you can label each piece as you go. 

NOTE: Measurements are listed as length (lengthwise grain) of fabric x width (crosswise grain of fabric). For a fat quarter, the length is 18" and the width is 21-22".

We recommend that you cut all pieces using a rotary cutter, mat and rotary cutting rulers. You will get much more accurate pieces than if you try to cut with scissors. We recommend a 45mm or 60mm rotary cutter and a mat that is at least 36" x 24". 

We used 8½" x 24", 12½" x 12½", and 15" x 15" rulers for cutting the pieces for this project. If you have a 20½" x 20½" ruler, use it for cutting the largest pieces. This is a ruler that you don't use often, but when you need it, it is so wonderful to have!

If you are new to rotary cutting, be sure to check out the Tips for Rotary Cutting the Contrasting Fabric below before you begin.


1. Fold the half yard of contrasting fabric in half to 18" x 21/22". Position the fabric on the cutting mat with the fold to the left. NOTE: Some sewists prefer to align the fabric with the lines on the mat. Personally, I do not bother with that. I prefer to use the lines on the ruler to square up and cut the pieces. I find that to be easier and more accurate.

2. Square up the long (42") edge of fabric by aligning the long edge of a 24" ruler along the long edge of the fabric, making sure that straight lines on the ruler are also straight along the folded edge of the fabric.

cutting fabric with ruler

3. While the fabric is folded, cut a 2¾” strip, taking care to make sure that the lines of the ruler are aligned on both the long and the folded edge of fabric. 

cut fabric
4. From that strip cut the strap and the bindings for the vinyl pockets.

5. Open the fabric and cut the square for the bias binding. I prefer to use a 15” square ruler for this step. Align the ruler with the appropriate marks on the left and bottom side of the fabric piece. Cut along the right and top edges of the ruler.

tutorial on cutting fabric

6. Cut a square for the pocket bindings. Subcut the square into six  bindings.

tutorial on cutting fabric

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Next Up: 

4. Quilt the Fabric and Soft and Stable

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