Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ByAnnie at Quiltique in Henderson, Nevada

I had the pleasure of visiting Quiltique in Henderson, Nevada, in mid-June to present a trunk show and to teach two classes, A Place for Everything and Catch All Caddy.




Though Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, are less than two hours from my home in Utah, I have to confess that I hadn't been to Quiltique in a number of years. With an abundance of wonderful quilt shops in my hometown area and a too-busy work schedule, I haven't treated myself to a quilt outing in way too long.

What a delight it was to see the changes that have taken place in this vibrant store. I can guarantee that it won't take me so long to go back!

Quiltique began in 2003 with the creativity of a quilter, the business knowledge of a former contractor, the marketing know-how of a graduate, and the eye of an artist.  Jan, her husband Bob, daughter Jennifer, and youngest daughter Kara formed the Creative Sewing Center known today as Quiltique. 

From the beginning, Quiltique has been dedicated to their customers and passionate about the creativity, quality, and service that come from their shop.  In 2009, Quiltique was recognized as a “Top Shop” in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine Quilt Sampler.  You can check them out on the Quilt Sampler website here:

As the reputation of Quiltique has grown, so has their space, product offerings, and staff.  They are now the largest quilt shop in the area with over 6400 square feet of beautiful materials, unique products, an extensive education program, as well as a long-arm rental program. 

I learned just how extensive their education program was as I worked with Quiltique's Event Coordinator, Stori, to book my classes. Between their busy schedule and mine, it took us almost two years to come up with a date that would work for both of us! And one look at their online class schedule tells me why — they have one to four classes booked almost every single day of each month! And this during the summer season which can be the slowest quilting time in this area! I am impressed.

Quiltique has a knowledgeable staff with years of quilting, sewing, and embroidery experience whose goal is to make sure you enjoy yourself and your craft to its fullest extent. An award-winning BERNINA Authorized Dealer since 2004, Quiltique takes pride in the BERNINA brand and stands behind its quality and unsurpassed workmanship.  

Quiltique is a delightful store with something fun to see at every turn. It was especially exciting for me to see all the samples of my patterns tucked here and there throughout the store!

(Check out the beautiful embroidery on the front border!)

Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Quiltique for using my patterns and for your beautiful and expert workmanship! 

Special thanks, too, to Stori Culver for arranging my visit and to Bob, Jan, Jennifer, Kara, and all the staff for providing such a beautiful space! 

I cannot wait to return!

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