Friday, June 12, 2015

Notions Art Ed. 1

Notions Art from

Annie and Gloria came home from the gym late one night to find Casey hard at work on his computer. Strangely, in between the click-click-click of normal computer work there was also intermittent fits of snickering and giggling. Although Casey is a very happy person, such sounds don’t usually accompany his computer work. When asked what was so funny, Casey replied, “Oh, nothing. I am just working on some artwork for” A few hours passed and Gloria started insisting it was time to go home. Each time she would mention home Casey would reply, “No, I have to finish my work!” Then a few minutes later the snickering and giggling could be heard in Casey’s office again. Just what was he working on?

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Casey’s story

In case you didn’t know, I am the man behind the camera for most of the newer photos on our website. While product photography presents some great opportunities for creativity, I have to admit that I find notions to be particularly boring. So, one fine night I decided to spice the world of notions up a bit. And, what better way to spice up the notions world than adding our fearless hero to the mix? Casey, the stiletto wielding, Defender of All Things Bag, was born! In his debut issue, Casey the Defender of All Things Bag, can be found screening his movements behind Wool Pincushion Mountain as he tracks the terrifying & free-ranging beast JustDessert-osaurus. Unbeknownst to our hero, however, JustDessert-osaurus is also tracking prey of his own. The beast is tracking the poor defenseless patterns Grab Your Grub and Got Your Backpack. Just after crossing onto a grassy field of Double-Slide zippers, JustDessert-osaurus let out a might roar! Soon the poor little patterns were running for their life and our hero had to act fast! So, with a mighty leap, he cleared Wool Pincushion Mountain in a single bound. “STOP YOU FIEND!” he bellowed as he raised his trusty Stiletto in the air ready to strike down the terrifying JustDessert-osaurus. And then……. how would you finish the story? Comment below!

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