Friday, January 23, 2015


Who wouldn't want to have a lazy morning brunch or late afternoon dinner with this scene?

Casey's Story: A romantic finds beauty in the small moments in life and converts them into precious memories.

This photo for me has always served as a definition of romantic. One table, two chairs, a simple room, and a beautiful view. I took the photo on an early morning walk. IT was shot through the window of what appeared to be an abandoned building in the hills of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.

Was the building abandoned, leaving the memories of an older couple never to breakfast together again? Was it where two lovers met clandestinely? Was it occupied by a homeless couple with a sense of beauty? Who knows.

Wolfgang Puck says, "I don't expect to have a really amazing meal each time I dine out. Having a good meal with your loved ones - that's what makes the experience."

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