Friday, January 30, 2015


There are few things more captivating than flowing water. 

Casey’s story: Pizzarro and hundreds of other explorers scoured the Americas in search of the

fountain of youth.  They never found it, because the fountain of youth is not to be found, but

instead built.

The greatest civilizations of the world created great public works and spread disruptive new inventions that contributed to the prposerity of their populace, vast improvements to standards of living, and massive reductions in infant mortality rates. The Romans built towering aqueducts to ensure water supply, the Incas dug massive terraced gardens to maximize productivity, the Egyptians developed basin irrigation to improve farm yields, the Greeks organized great central spaces to meet and debate, the Chinese practiced paper and printing to distribute knowledge, and the Babylonians created one law to rule that land.

Today's great achievements include the internet, wind-farms, flight, combustion engines hydro-electric dams, vaccines, and blood donation, just to list a few. These have created the most dramatic improvements in population sustainability and increases in average life expectancy known to man (note that the increase in life expectancy is not necessarily increasing total years lived by the populace, but instead reducing the number of people that die young - watch the math).

The photo above is of a massive canal project and reservoir in the central northern region of Peru, called the Tinajones Reservoir. The canal distributes life giving water across a large desrt live region, transforming dry grasslands into fertile rice, corn, potato, and tobacco field (tobacco is slowing being phased out). Small and large farms stretch out across the river valleys, safe from flooding, and with sufficient water to grow their crops. Of course, we can't all play a part in creating massive public works, but we can educate ourselves on their importance, dream big, and help spread new disruptive technologies that will create a better world.
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