Friday, August 8, 2014

Purple Cabbage Color Inspiration

-------------------------------Purple Cabbage----------------------------------
We love gardens.  There is such joy in helping things grow and harvesting the good things that we sow.

Casey's story:  Did you know we all live on islands?  Some larger, some smaller, but all land masses on this earth form islands.

One summer I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with a good friend on Vashon Island.  Vashon is a beautiful island in Washington's Puget Sound with excellent access by ferry from both Tacoma and Seattle.  It has a lot of character and a rich history.

Perhaps the best part of its history is Betty MacDonald - writer of The Egg and I - which was later adapted to the film by the same name.  If you haven't read or seen either, it is a must for anyone that loves or yearns for the simple life. (Annie especially loves the story as it brings back many memories from her days as an Alaskan homesteader!)

My friend and I stayed in a cute little garden cottage called Eagle Heights Cottage which featured "all you could harvest" opportunities in the garden.  We roasted beets and enjoyed watching the drizzle accumulate on the cabbage.  This photo was taken on one misty morning.

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