Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ocean Dock Color Inspiration


After love, the sea is perhaps the most poetic thing in this world.  It never ceases to change, it never ceases to be beautiful, and underneath is the true last frontier.

Casey's story:  I am fascinated by protest.  At times it is logical, at times emotional, and usually a mixture of the two.  Protest can be found in a supermarket (a child protesting the injustice of not getting the candy they wanted), in the workplace (a co-worker that is displeased with a decision of their boss), on the news (news pundits opining about what is right or wrong in politics), and in some cases on a grand scale on the streets or in the parks of our cities.

In this case, one Sunday morning I was drawn to Tacoma, Washington's beautiful Marine Park for Arlington Northwest, a peace protest put on by the Veterans for Peace, Early in the morning I jumped on my bicycle and made the fifty mile trip from North Seattle to Tacoma.  It was a beautiful ride.

When I arrived, I found the melancholy scene of Arlington National Cemetery spread out before me.  A green space covered by brilliant white tombstones.  Row, upon row, upon row.  Sitting in the middle I could feel those thousands of young men and women standing at attention.  Some proud, some angry, some scared, and some with smiles of love on their faces.  They were all there and yet they weren't.  Death is so intangible.

After a few hours, I went to explore the seafront and found this structure stretching out into the bay.  The great beams stood sentry in the sea, retaining their form, but not their function, protesting against the advance of time.

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