Friday, August 29, 2014

Fireworks Color Inspiration

We are always amazed by the beauty of the sky at night.  The blues, the stars, and, on special occasions, the fireworks.  We loved the variations in hues and the gradients from darker shades to white.

Casey's story:  The majority of my family was never much for taking risks with fire or explosives.  I, on the other hand, played a bit.  In fact, once when I was about twelve years old, I set the entire hillside on fire.  Strangely, it wasn't until I was well into my twenties that I tried out real fireworks.

So, one hot summer I found myself alone in the Flathead Basin of Montana for the 4th of July, contemplating the vast history of the region and its beauty.  I had little to do.  Fireworks and my camera seemed like the best option.  The result is in front of you now.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ocean Dock Color Inspiration


After love, the sea is perhaps the most poetic thing in this world.  It never ceases to change, it never ceases to be beautiful, and underneath is the true last frontier.

Casey's story:  I am fascinated by protest.  At times it is logical, at times emotional, and usually a mixture of the two.  Protest can be found in a supermarket (a child protesting the injustice of not getting the candy they wanted), in the workplace (a co-worker that is displeased with a decision of their boss), on the news (news pundits opining about what is right or wrong in politics), and in some cases on a grand scale on the streets or in the parks of our cities.

In this case, one Sunday morning I was drawn to Tacoma, Washington's beautiful Marine Park for Arlington Northwest, a peace protest put on by the Veterans for Peace, Early in the morning I jumped on my bicycle and made the fifty mile trip from North Seattle to Tacoma.  It was a beautiful ride.

When I arrived, I found the melancholy scene of Arlington National Cemetery spread out before me.  A green space covered by brilliant white tombstones.  Row, upon row, upon row.  Sitting in the middle I could feel those thousands of young men and women standing at attention.  Some proud, some angry, some scared, and some with smiles of love on their faces.  They were all there and yet they weren't.  Death is so intangible.

After a few hours, I went to explore the seafront and found this structure stretching out into the bay.  The great beams stood sentry in the sea, retaining their form, but not their function, protesting against the advance of time.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Purple Cabbage Color Inspiration

-------------------------------Purple Cabbage----------------------------------
We love gardens.  There is such joy in helping things grow and harvesting the good things that we sow.

Casey's story:  Did you know we all live on islands?  Some larger, some smaller, but all land masses on this earth form islands.

One summer I had the pleasure of spending a weekend with a good friend on Vashon Island.  Vashon is a beautiful island in Washington's Puget Sound with excellent access by ferry from both Tacoma and Seattle.  It has a lot of character and a rich history.

Perhaps the best part of its history is Betty MacDonald - writer of The Egg and I - which was later adapted to the film by the same name.  If you haven't read or seen either, it is a must for anyone that loves or yearns for the simple life. (Annie especially loves the story as it brings back many memories from her days as an Alaskan homesteader!)

My friend and I stayed in a cute little garden cottage called Eagle Heights Cottage which featured "all you could harvest" opportunities in the garden.  We roasted beets and enjoyed watching the drizzle accumulate on the cabbage.  This photo was taken on one misty morning.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Red Star Flower Inspiration

-------------------------------------------Red Stars------------------------------

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are you!

Casey's story:  In biology class we learn about the symbiosis of flowers and bees. The bee comes to the flower to drink its nectar and in the process collects pollen. The pollen is then carried from flower to flower helping the plant to reproduce and create unique new flowers. Through this simple example we get a glimpse of the grand unified theory. We learn that we are not alone, but rather that each individual and each specie (should this be species?) is connected to others.

While I didn't take a biology class in college, I did develop my love for photography. Through the lens I saw beauty in a different way. I saw flowers in a different way. I was able to focus on my subject and allow everything else to fade to the back. This photo is among the earliest of my collection taken when I was just learning to use my camera. It was taken with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 lens which has a delightfully-short focal length and therefore, even though it is a telephoto, it can get some nice macro shots.

I hope this photo inspires you with color. I hope you too can focus on the beauty in this world. And, most of all, I hope this photo can connect us all.