Monday, September 30, 2013

Soft and Stable makes great Halloween costumes!

Thanks to Linda C. for sharing this picture and story:

"I just thought you'd like to see my latest "beyond" adventure with Soft and Stable.

I was visiting my daughter to help with My Little Pony costumes for her daughters for Halloween. One needed wings and after my bag adventures with the product, I was pretty sure it would be just the ticket for this project as well.

We searched all the (local) sewing/quilting shops for it...or something else that might fit the bill, with no luck.

So I placed an order for some threads and more Soft and Stable (I have several packages at home...800 miles away)to be shipped. It arrived in time to create these awesome wings (if I do say so myself) before my "sewing holiday" was over.

We thought the costume was cute before...but the wings are its crowning glory. Thanks for a great product. Since my design and sewing adventures take me in so many different directions, it is great to have another amazing tool in my toolbox that can help my dreams come to life.

I used a double layer under the smaller wings "overlay" and quilted around them to give them more dimension. And because I did, I was able to hand stitch the elasticized straps through more than just the fabric, to make them more durable without the stitching creating dimples in the top layer of S&S."

We agree that the wings just make the costume. Thanks so much for sharing, Linda!

If you are making Halloween costumes, remember that Soft and Stable gives great structure while staying lightweight and comfortable. Be sure to check out another great Halloween costume idea in this earlier blog post.

Send us pictures of your projects. We always love to see them!