Friday, August 9, 2013

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

About a year ago, Linda E. asked if it would be possible to use Texture Magic with sheer fabrics as she wanted to make a project using her 50-year-old silk organza wedding dress.

Having had great success texturizing all types of fabric, I encouraged Linda to give it a try and suggested that she might like to try my Special Occasions Purses pattern.

Just this week I received these pictures from Linda along with the following comments:

"It does work with a couple of suggestions. This is your Special Occasion Purses pattern.
This picture is of the lining which I embroidered with "Made for Alyssa Early in honor of her marriage to Joseph Sexton October 5, 2013. Made with love by G'ma Early from her Wedding dress Circa 1961.

I also added a pocket on the opposite side; the strap can be tucked in there if a clutch bag is preferred or a hankie or lipstick can be kept handy.

The texturizing was all done as bobbin work using YLI's Candlelight metallic yarn Rainbow for a little bling.

Your directions suggest using wool batting for the flap and placing it between the fabric and Texture Magic for greater definition. I realized right away that with the natural color of the wool and the sheer white this was not going to work so I did it in the traditional way so it is between the textured fabric and the lining. This still caused a slight variation in color so I would use a high loft synthetic in the future. With sheer colors you might have a different outcome.

As you can imagine I am still very pleased with the outcome and I will be giving it to grand daughter at her shower on Sunday. Thank you for the encouragement to go for it." Linda

Linda wrote later to say that her granddaughter was most appreciative and excited and that many of the moms had tears in their eyes when she presented the purse at the shower.

Thank you so much for sharing the story of this wonderful project with us, Linda.

Has anyone else tried texturizing a precious fabric to make a family heirloom?