Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shirley P and Carry-All Bag Finishing Kits

Here we have a few projects from Shirley P. She says, "I absolutely love your selection of patterns. I have completed the thread holder/dispenser and the carryall bag. I'm not so much a traditional "quilter", but I do like to make bags and cases and such." Looks great, Shirley. Thanks for sending the pictures in!

Sometimes it can be hard to find good quality inserts for the Carry All bag that do not have printing on them such as Ziploc. We have found bags that are great quality, aren't printed on, and aren't too bulky. You can order them in the finishing kit here.

Sun Visor Season

Summer is officially here where we live!
It has now gone over 100 degrees.
My sun visor has been my best friend to help keep me cool. Have you made one yet?
We have patterns available here and finishing kits available here, which have everything included for the three sizes of visors.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sandy's Serenity Bag and Changes

Thanks to Sandy M for sending the pictures of the Serenity Bag she made for her daughter who is the head designer at a sportswear company.

Sandy writes,
"The patterns are unique and the Soft and Stable is simply outstanding. I've designed my own purse patterns and that product will make a major difference in their appearance. The flap had a double layer of batting under the circle so that it would pop more when outline quilted." We love the fabric you picked Sandy and the addition of pockets on each end of the bag is a great idea.