Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm getting ready to order more Serenity fabrics for kits which reminded me that Randall M. had sent some pictures over the summer of some amazing bags that he made using those beautiful fabrics. I'd meant to share them right then, but time got away from me. What's new?

Anyway, I found the pictures again and was just as impressed with them the second time around, so thought I'd post them for you to see, too. Here's what Randall wrote:

Hi, Annie.

I haven't sent you any pix in a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been at it. I've made two more Serenity bags since my first. One also used the Serenity fabric with Texture Magic, but the second was for a cat loving friend who insisted on cat-themed fabric. It all came together well. I'm sorry I didn't snap a pic to send you.

I'm going to the UK next month to visit a number of friends, and I thought I would bring some bags and totes as gifts. I'm going to send some pix of four that I've made this week. Two, of course, are ByAnnie patterns. The other two are from A QuiltersDream - my other favorite designer. I just hung the bags on my overgrown back fence, so the pictures aren't great. But the bags are!

I'm also going to send a snapshot of a resized MiPad Case that I made for my friend Eva. She wanted something just right for her daily walks. Room for her ID, a small water bottle, and her keys. I'll also send a pic of it with a standard sized case for comparison.

Here's one more of a MiPad case I made last night using Serenity fabric along with some Japanese yarn-dies.

Hope you enjoy seeing these. You'll see that my love for Japanese fabric hasn't diminished.

Randy M.

P.S. I really like the dark Bookin' It bag. It gave me a reason to finally use some of the black Soft and Stable that's been sitting on my shelf.

Thank you, Randall, for sharing the pictures and your story. I am so impressed with your careful and meticulous work. Your fabric choices are exquisite and are inspiring me to order more of the beautiful Serenity fabrics.

Happy holidays to you and yours!


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kathy B. sent this fun picture of the awesome diaper bag she made for her new grandson, Noah. Annie
Kathy writes:
I made this bag using Soft and Stable instead of the fleece that the directions called for. It is very sturdy, but pliable, and I loved the cross-hatching quilting on this…it has such a wonderful definition! This is going to be used as a diaper bag for my newest, and 6th grandson, Noah!
That's one good-looking bag, Kathy, and I know your new grandson and his parents are going to love it. Thanks for sharing!