Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ditty Bags Help

Thanks to Jan Swartz for the picture of the medium-sized Ditty Bag that she recently sent. Jan wrote: I enjoyed doing it and it went together well. I am sending it as a gift to someone. I still have to sew the last step of the binding by hand. Straights are fine, but the curves give me a fit. Have you done a tutorial on that?
A Ditty Bag tutorial is a great idea. We'll add it to our list and hope to get to it soon! Until we get the tutorial done, here are some tips for sewing the binding on the curved edge: First, make sure that you have the body of the bag against the bed of the machine when you initially sew the binding to the bag. When you turn the binding to the other side to enclose the raw edges, use a stiletto to hold the binding in place. It enables you to keep your fingers out of the way while keeping the binding perfectly in place. The knurling on the tip of our stilettos also really helps to grab the edge of the binding and pull it into place. Here is a link to a video showing application of binding using the stiletto.

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