Sunday, May 29, 2011

Zippers and Executive Carryalls

Thanks to Cynthia Marrs for sending images of the Executive Carryall that she made. I love the colorful fabrics that she picked.

Here's what Cynthia had to say:

This was quite a project. I kept at it. Each new step was a challenge. I've never made something like this before. So I can say I can critique from the point of view of a newcomer.

Your directions were excellent. I can see that you spent a great deal of time writing these. I would have benefited from a picture of the zipper between the zipper strips. I had trouble envisioning it. When I finally got it, it was easy.

I decided on the inside zippered pocket, to have the kitty fabric showing instead of the lining. I just liked it better.

Only thing I had to change after I got to the binding of the bag panels was the width of the binding. When I remade the bias binding to 2 1/4 inches, it made it sooo much easier to get over all those layers of padding.

Thank you so much for your wonderful pattern. I'm making the smaller one for ME. My laptop is smaller. The second one should be a breeze.

I feel that the completed project made from your pattern is so well made, reinforced seams, all bound, it should last forever.

I'll start my next one early next week.



Thanks again, Cynthia, for sharing your thoughts. You (and others who are visual learners) will be happy to hear that I've got a number of video tutorials showing, among other things, how to insert zippers in various projects. You'll find them all on my website:

You'll also find my favorite heavy-duty handbag zippers in a number of sizes and colors. These hard-to-find zippers are the best because they are easy to sew through, have an extra-long over-sized zipper pull, and are a little larger than standard dressmaking zippers. I stock 22", 24", and 30" zippers in a variety of colors. Order one for your project and give them a try today!

Please note that the Executive Carryalls pattern is sized to carry widescreen laptops. If you have a "normal" sized laptop, the Laptop Computer Carriers pattern is just right for you. Or, if you have a netbook or iPad, you'll be sure to love the Netbook Computer Carriers or MiPad Case patterns.

Happy stitching!