Saturday, March 12, 2011

Show Us Your Serenity!

I am continually impressed by the beautiful purses that so many of you have made. I'd like to share with you a small sampling of purses I have seen made using the Serenity Shoulder Bag pattern.

NOTE: I have a limited number of kits for making the Serenity Shoulder Bag as pictured on the pattern cover. Everything you need to make the bag (except a spool of thread) is included in the kit. Get yours today!

Corrie McIntrye made a beautiful Serenity bag for her sister, following the design on the fabric as I did for the original:

Corrie McIntyre writes:

Well, here is my first Serenity bag which I made for my sister. She absolutely loved it and couldn't stop looking at it.

I found it easy to work out the stitching for the flap as I more or less followed the fabric. I used wool batting between the fabric and Texture Magic for added emphasis.

I lined it with the focus fabric, which worked out well.

The Soft and Stable gives a professional finish and I am very happy with the result.

Kirsten Ekdahl of Kirsten's Quilts in Denmark made this beautiful bag:

Kirsten writes:
So now, I have done a Serenity bag, and my customers just love it:) I thought that you would like to see it - it's in my blog. Don't worry about the text, it's in Danish, just ignore it, and enjoy the pictures.

The quilting on the texturized fabric was done with Glitter metallic thread from Superior Threads, and I used a wool batting for this.

Another customer stopped by the Superior Threads booth at a recent show to show me the mini Serenity that she made. (I am so sorry but I neglected to get a name!) She reduced the size of the Serenity pattern and made a smaller version of the bag. Too cute!

Eileen Thomas sent pictures of two Serenity bags that she made:

Eileen writes:

The color from my cell phone isn't great — the interior was lime green, the exterior was lavender purple and the flowers were different colors. But I think you will get the idea. The other is in green and golds with a bit of orange. Really cute, I will take my camera next time.

Visit Eileen's blog at

Finally, Helaine Eckstein sent these images of Serenity Shoulder Bags that she made:

Helaine writes:
I enjoyed making the bag. Your instructions were great. You did not ask for my comments but being a retired Home Ec teacher for 30 years I thought you might want to know. If it were me, I would. For me, the strap is about twice the width I need, too wide to stay up on the shoulder, so I sewed it all together at the center of the strap, and I will change that when I make another one. I also think it needs a closure of some kind but did not know placement to add it before. At this point I will probably use a large snap 'cause I don't want any stitching to show from the outside. I like the shape the foam (Soft and Stable) gives the bag. Thank you for sending me the parts so quickly.

I love it when people are comfortable with making changes to my patterns to make the project suit their needs. Thanks, Helaine, for sharing your comments.

Note that the Serenity pattern is also available in another version, Serenity II Shoulder Bag. Because it uses "regular" fabrics, the pattern pieces can be positioned differently on the fabric, so this version uses a bit less fabric.

I'd love to see what YOU have done with the Serenity or Serenity II Shoulder Bag patterns — or any of my patterns. Please send images and information about them to me at

Happy stitching,


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