Thursday, April 30, 2009

Magic is the word of the day!

I love to see projects that are made using my patterns, so I was tickled to receive a note this week from Janett Rice in Las Vegas.

Janett taught a Texture Magic class at her local shop and says the class went so well, they've asked for a second one. She even included photos of some of the great little bags that the ladies made.
Janett says, ". . . the Texture Magic was a big hit. Magic was the word of the day. It is so exciting to see these ladies observe the shrinkage for the first time. They love it!"
I love the fabrics that were used for these bags. They are so bright and cheery!

Thanks for sharing, Janett -- keep up the magic!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Texture Magic patterns available

Greetings! I'm back from shows in Chicago and Paducah and have finally made time to get two new patterns on the website.

Both patterns were BIG hits at the shows as they are designed for use with Texture Magic™, Superior Threads' terrific new product designed to create texture on fabric. It was such fun to demonstrate this fun new product and see everyone's excitment about "something new!"

Textured Totes & Accessories includes a lovely textured tote along with a matching double eyeglass case and mini bag.

To make the tote, I marked the Texture Magic™ with a 1-inch grid on point.

Then I pinned it to the back of the gold fabric and stitched along the grid to hold the two layers together.

I then steamed the Texture Magic™, causing it to shrink and create the lovely texture on the gold fabric.

Because the Texture Magic™ shrinks evenly in all directions, you'll end up with a textured piece of fabric that is completely flat, so it is easy to cut it apart for use in your project.
I used the textured fabric to assemble the outside of the tote. I quilted the lining fabric to headliner foam and used that for the inside of the tote. The headliner foam gives it great body and stability with little weight. It really makes a classy bag.

For the eyeglass case and mini bag, I stippled the fabric, creating a closer texture. I really like the look that it gives.
One package of Texture Magic™ is enough to make all three items in the pattern. You'll love how quick and easy they are to make. Wouldn't a tote bag and maching accessories make a great Mother's Day gift for someone special?

Bubbly Babies includes two sizes of baby quilts incorporating textured squares.
For these quilts, we again marked the Texture Magic™ with a 1-inch grid on point and pinned the Texture Magic™ to the back of the fabrics.

For the blue quilt, Heather stitched right along the grid with a straight stitch.
For the pink quilt, she used a serpentine stitch on her Janome, following the grid. This gave her a bit of a wavy line and made the grid less noticeable, though I can't say it's very noticeable even on the blue.
All of my Texture Magic™ patterns are designed to take full advantage of one package of Texture Magic, so all the thinking is done. I've done all the calculations for what size to start with and how to make best use of the 18" x 47" piece of Texture Magic™. You just get the fun of creating the texture and assembling the project. How easy is that?
To order, just visit my website: I look forward to hearing from you soon!
I've got several other patterns in the works for use with Texture Magic™, so be sure to check back often.