Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling Crabby!

Feeling Crabby,
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This block is especially appropriate for me this month as I am writing this from our island home near Sitka, Alaska -- and we're having sweet, delicious, Dungeness crab for dinner! (And you thought I was going to say that I've been feeling REALLY crabby lately, didn't you?)

Did you know that there are between 5,000 and 6,000 kinds of crab in the world? The largest crab is the Japanese Spider Crab, whose legs can stretch as wide as 12 feet. Crabs have claws on their two front legs, which are used for eating and defense. Crabs walk sideways and have eyes at the end of stalks on top of their heads. If a crab loses a claw, it will grow back!

Two types of crab can be found in Southeast Alaska -- Dungeness and Alaska King. Both are delicious and packed with high quality protein, amino acids, and lots of minerals -- plus they are low in fat.

Our favorite way to eat crab is steamed and dipped in butter, but we also enjoy crab salad, crab bisque, crab cakes, and more. Here are a couple of great recipes that are perfect for summer dining: Crab-Filled Veggies and Crab Nachos.

These recipes (and more!) can be found in my cookbook, From Halibut to Jalapenos. Packed with over 600 easy-to-follow, inn-tested recipes, the book also includes "recipes" for two colorful, fun placemats.

If you'd like to order a copy (or two or three!) for yourself or a friend, I've got a great deal for you!

Order a cookbook before the end of July and receive any of my patterns (except Starr Fire) FREE. That's a savings of $7.95 to $9.95! Just be sure to include a message with your order that says "JULY SPECIAL" and the pattern which you'd like.

And, yes, you can order more than one book -- and get a free pattern for each book ordered.

I'll be in Alaska for just a few more days and then it's time to head back to the heat of St. George. I'll miss the solitude of our little cabin in the woods, but I'm looking forward to some time "home alone" to work on projects. Between class and store samples and new patterns, I've got my work cut out for me!

Here are a couple of the new quilt ideas that I'm working on:

I'll be sure to let you know when patterns for both are ready!

Are you going to the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, California, from July 24 to 27? I'll be working at the Superior Threads booth, so if you go, please stop by to say hello and see my newest patterns and samples.

And, if you'll be in the St. George area this fall, be sure to check out my fall class schedule. I've got some great classes planned!

Happy stitching!